Leigha (redhoundstooth) wrote in redpaisley,

[Fic] ME Challenge Drabble #1

FAN FIC POST. It's been a while.

Title: Rearranging
Category: Mass Effect
Character(s): Jacob Taylor/Kasumi Goto, Miranda Lawson
Rating: K/G
Word Count: 145
Summary: me_challenge drabble from the Wednesday Insanity post. The prompt was, 'Kasumi blatantly admiring Jacob, where Miranda can see.'

As Jacob speaks with Shepard about upgrading a few ship modules, she stands along the doorframe waiting for her turn to speak with Shepard. She's not watching the men, she's watching Kasumi sitting on one of the planning tables absentmindedly swinging her feet in a rocking motion.

In what little appearance her eyes makes, Miranda can see soft stars light up in them. Brighter each time Jacob's voice rings. 'How cute,' Miranda ponders.

Shepard makes a dirty joke and Jacob bursts in a laughter that makes the gleam in Kasumi's eyes dance. The small purple stripe on her lip widens with the smile that grows.

The next day, Miranda sees Jacob and Kasumi in the Armory again.

She can tell that their hands fit together more than her own ever did when she used to be in the other woman's place. Once upon a time.
Tags: fanfic!drabble, fanfic!hurt/comfort, fanfic!masseffect, fanfic!romance
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