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[Fic] ME Challenge Drabble #3

Title: Half-Empty
Category: Mass Effect
Character(s): Female Shepard
Rating: K+/PG
Word Count: 821
Summary: me_challenge drabble from the Wednesday Insanity post. The prompt was, 'Instinct cannot keep me from falling.'

Author's note included.

The radio blips nothing but static nonsense for Shepard. As much as she's concerned for Miranda and Thane, she's positive they would manage unscathed together without her. She will have to handle this end on her own.

Shepard evades the flurry of bullets coming her way with natural catlike speed. She vaults briskly behind a crate piece halfway torn off its form. This wooden flap won't shield her for long.

A shooting pain radiates from the tip of her shoulder and spans towards the rest of her arm. It feels like a large needle punctured through her skin, digging along her nerves and bone inside of her flesh. It's been a while since I got shot up like this, she says to herself as she inspects the new holes bearing through her shoulder piece. Shepard was not looking forward to the wad of bandages her arm was going to expect.

More bullets jet through her makeshift defense, barely missing her armored body as she bolts away from the flimsy crate and combat-crawls over to the closest barrier that remained solid.

Finally she notices the coppery smell exuding from her wounds. Her hands feel glued to her Carnifex. Not by soldier's instinct, but with a sticky, red adhesive keeping her mesh-covered hands along the gun's handle. From the corner of her eye, she acknowledges a sticky red trail of her own that she left behind.

One of the Eclipse legionnaires verbally points out the blood streaks and she is reminded that this is one of those days where the galaxy is definitely not on her side.

Shepard grits out a curse and shoves more thermal clips into her Carnifex angrily. Losing is something she never took gently. Losing her life is something she will never settle with easily.

The clips pack in securely and she launches up, spinning on her heel 180 degrees from her original position, and pops a bullet right in-between the eyes of a merc. She makes a headshot on another one and watches both heads spew out their own red mess like a high-pressured garden sprinkler. It amuses her that their blood actually covers up her own stains from crawling earlier.

Shepard's amusement is suddenly cut short. It takes her a while, but after being flung several meters from her last position and shaking off the hard light in her vision along with the whiplash feeling from being biotic-charged by a vanguard flanker, she knows all too well what to do now.

She quickly spots the remaining Eclipse to her side. The merc is walking slowly, recharging the powers lost in launching Shepard off. A burning feeling flows in Shepard's veins. Her anger and determination cannot be discerned in or split apart now. Her empty hand at the ready.

The merc makes a jaunt towards Shepard again, preparing her same old trick. But right before the merc activates a move, Shepard lifts her hand in front of her--


Instinctively, Shepard flexes her outstretched hand--


Panic bubbles in Shepard's chest as to why no visible blue aura smokes around her hand. Warp! Warp goddammit!

The merc in front of her looks like a large blue flame for a small second. As if the merc is trying to show off how well charged the next move is going to be.

Shepard backs up against another crate but there is no where to vault away from this enemy and she knows she'll be too slow to even try to run away. Still what bothers her most is that her Warp didn't work.

What the hell happened to me?

The vanguard makes a sprint towards Shepard.

A heartbeat sound fills the commander's ears. The biotic hum that was once so familiar to Shepard seems so alien now.

A gunshot tears Shepard's shocked state apart and sobers her. Questions stir in her head: why is she still standing? Where's the merc? Who shot who?

She stands still against the crate, her mouth agape at the vanguard lying in her own pool of blood leaking from her neck. A couple feet away are Miranda and Thane, the latter putting his sniper rifle back in its compact form.

Miranda spots Shepard and gives her the elevator eye inspection. The operative's eyes linger on the bullet holes in the armor. "Are you alright? We came as fast as we could and it's a good thing," Miranda tells Shepard.

No, Shepard wants to say. I tried to do a biotic move I was born to do but no longer have the ability to do. I want to blame you because you didn't put me back exactly the way I was like you pledged in all of your logs, but you saved me. And it's going to take a while to stomach this.

Shepard slowly forms her response. "I'm alright. Nothing medi-gel can't fix."

Medi-gel can't fix what was never there in the second place.


A/N: My main female Shepard was a Vanguard in ME1, but I switched her to a Soldier upon importing over to ME2.

This isn't entirely based on my own Shepard though. Just a Shepard who lost her biotics.
Tags: fanfic!drabble, fanfic!gen, fanfic!masseffect
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