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[Fic] Set to Continous Shooting #2

Title: Filmstrip
Category: Mass Effect
Character(s): Jacob Taylor/Kasumi Goto, minor appearances of other characters
Rating: T, PG13 for mild language, hints to sexual content and violence
Summary: A set of prompts for the 1sentence community, and the second installation to Set to Continuous Shooting (the first 'interlude', not the second oneshot). Some sentences are linked with each other, others stand on their own. Written in randomized order.

Can also be found at FanFiction.net

Author's notes included.

#01 – Comfort
It’s a refreshing feeling to finally know another person whom she can take off her hood in front of without feeling paranoid.

#02 – Kiss
“I still don’t get why you always gotta spend eight minutes putting those weird purple patterns on your mouth when it takes a quarter of that time for me to smudge it up anyway,” he jested one morning.

#03 – Soft
The contrast of her velvety smooth skin against his calloused fingertips never ceased to fascinate him.

#04 – Pain
It hurts him to say that children aren’t something Jacob thinks about for his future because he knows no close reference of how to be a wonderful father, and she is the first he admits this to.

#05 – Potatoes
She had a way with her wit and words that he can appreciate, with the exception of a time he shotgun-blasted a Blood Pack vorcha coming for her and her only reaction was, “Gross, I didn’t know their guts look like spoiled hashbrowns.”

#06 – Rain
Pragia’s showers didn’t fall through her body when she in her cloaking mode, they dropped on her and formed an invisible silhouette of her form in the setting like there was a hole in the world, and it reminded him that she’s still a fairly distant character.

#07 – Chocolate
When Jack lewdly asked Kasumi if she gets ‘sweet tooth cravings,’ Kasumi innocently replied with a smile, “As the saying goes, ‘the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice’… though with dark chocolate it’s not the same.”

#08 – Happiness
Kasumi doesn’t switch her graybox on as often as she used to, because the present and the future looked a lot more appealing nowadays.

#09 – Telephone
She picked up the dusty relic and twisted the curly cord with her finger, amazed at the thought of how lovers in the last centuries had to resort to keeping in touch with these things without FTL speed.

#10 – Ears
After he figured out that her ears were her ticklish spots, she took up the inclination to pull her hood tighter around her face when she knows he’s going to reach for them.

#11 – Name
‘Asshole’ was the last thing one of the Blue Suns mercs said about Jacob before Kasumi electrocuted the merc from behind and said in a dark tone, “His name is Jacob Taylor, you asshole.”

#12 – Sensual
Listening to his voice is almost a guilty pleasure, but when words go soft and warm her up like he knows there is nothing else that touches her like his voice.

#13 – Death
Her mistake was that she took her eye off of Keiji when he was in the most vulnerable position, and it’s a mistake that drives her to not do the same with Jacob Taylor no matter how capable and strong he is.

#14 – Sex
No one asked them if they had it, and they hardly ever talked about it often off the bed, it just happened and nothing else seemed as beautifully natural as that.

#15 – Touch
She likes that her bed is small since it makes it difficult to avoid physical contact, and he won’t admit it but he feels the same way.

#16 – Weakness

The smell of pork broth stilled her and images of a childhood not documented in any graybox flash-played like a slideshow in her mind, and her expression was enough to tell Jacob that his attempt at ramen was definitely worth the hard work.

#17 – Tears
Kasumi told him that Tokyo looks disgusting on a rainy day, but she decided against telling him that it was the perfect mask for her sadness when she returned there to toss Keiji’s ashes in the bay.

#18 – Speed

It was sweet how he wanted to take things slow with her, or at least not kiss on the first date (until he bid her goodnight).

#19 – Wind
Shepard and Jacob asked her who the hell took out all the Eclipses that were lying stunned on the ground, and she answered cheekily, “A great wind.”

#20 – Freedom

“I’ve never fought so hard for something I’ve always believed is just a figment of people’s hopes and dreams before,” she hears him murmur as they watch the Collector base disintegrate into little space debris.

#21 – Life
“She did say, ‘life always finds a way’ and—hey now just wait,” Shepard stopped in mid-sentence when Jacob’s eyes bulged out, “keep your cool Jacob, I’m not trying to say you’re a father, I was just reiterating what Kasumi said about someone else, jeez,” Shepard explained.

#22 – Jealousy
Jacob knew that it was already a good day when he overheard Crewman Matthews comment about Officer Burt’s post reassigned to the AI Core, and Jacob had never been so glad to have Miranda pull some strings in the new duty roster (and it helped to yank Burt away from the cute Japanese girl).

#23 – Hands
The gloves hardly ever came off in their busy lines of work, which kept the feeling of naked palm against naked palm quite foreign for the first few times.

#24 – Taste
“It’s sweet, then kind of bitter, and then again it’s still sweet—I can’t tell at all but it’s not bad,” he told her with his mouth full of the matcha ice cream she coaxed him into trying.

#25 – Devotion
“Doubt it’s any stronger than what love I’ve got for Jessie,” Zaeed grumbled, scowling at the couple growing attached to the hip.

#26 – Forever
Kasumi used to dislike the term ‘forever’ because a book she once read had completely ruined the meaning for her, but Jacob’s special meaning for it is something she wants to commit to memory.

#27 – Blood
No one returned from the Collector ship unscathed: Shepard’s armor was in desperate need of repair, few of Grunt’s plates looked more dented and crackled than before they departed for the colony, but it was the red ooze falling from the gashes on Jacob’s temples that crushed her.
#28 – Sickness
Being on the derelict Reaper reminded her of the 21st century zombie vids (they were called movies, she told herself) she watched as a kid, in which the star couple always made their romantic getaways hacking down the zombies; as much as she would have liked to think of the situation that way with Jacob being around, there was nothing cutesy about sickly Abomination innards splattering onto their faces.

#29 – Melody
Kasumi was slightly hurt when Jacob told her that they couldn’t go to a karaoke bar during their shore leave, until he pointed out the elcor couple occupying the booth and she figured that the waiting line would have taken enough time for more human colonies to get abducted by Collectors.

#30 – Star
She told him frankly with a smirk, “Dinner under the stars is a silly idea because we see stars all the time, but I’m sure you can think of something even more original and romantic.”

#31 – Home

“If home is where the heart is,” he says, “then I’m pretty sure I know where mine is,” he points to her cupped hands.

#32 – Confusion
As the thief listened to Garrus’ angry swears at another failed attempt to hack open the door systems, she cursed the Overlord project, cursed the geth that shot new holes in her hood, and the electronic scratchboard sounds that howled in her ear; As she cursed Cerberus, she asked herself, “Is this hellishness something you actually uphold, Jacob?”

#33 – Fear

One of the very first questions he asked her on their first date was, “What’s one of your biggest fears, that isn’t something that can possess a gun or biotics?”

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
Kasumi coughed into her fist, “Lightning storms, because they almost blew my cover once when I was, er, recovering a lost possession,” she said with a nod.

#35 – Bonds
She tells him that she never bothers taking rings because she’d feel like she would be tampering with a person’s romantic link with someone else, but he’s more surprised that there’s something she doesn’t steal.

#36 – Market
Once in a while Jacob would shake his head in disapproval over Kasumi’s ‘five-finger discount’ penchant, but he couldn’t deny her superior hand skills with snatching mech tools right in front of a batarian clerk—a batarian for crying out loud.

#37 – Technology
Jacob can appreciate antiques, but her books still puzzled him and he always brought up the convenience of reading novels on datapads instead.

#38 – Gift
He managed to find a good bargain that didn’t hurt his credit account, and he proved it to her by giving her a paperback version of The Color Purple published back in 2003.

#39 – Smile
She could only stand and stare at her new book, but her mouth eventually upturned into a crescent shape that was on par to Luna’s shine.

#40 – Innocence
“Once I was hired to steal an ancient scepter that had once belonged to an Iron-age turian ruler from the Macedyn colony, I think,” she tells him calmly, “but I found out that it was a dud when it started to break down in segments and red sand poured out of it—and before you jump to conclusions: no I didn’t take any of the red sand, but I did put the whole fake scepter back together and sold the thing for more than I would have been paid for if I had brought it back in one piece.”

#41 – Completion
The first time he saw her without a hood and in civilian clothing, he almost thought the ship had a new crewmember; the second time he saw her unhooded, he believed that nothing more was needed to be added to make her wholly gorgeous.

#42 – Clouds
Talking about exes left a weird taste in their mouths and rain clouds hanging above their heads since his was their ‘all-eyes-open’ executive officer and hers was a victim of a brutal murder.

#43 – Sky
“Your mouth always hangs open when you look out the window,” he tells her, “you really do need to travel with windows more often.”

#44 – Heaven

“Hey Taylor, let me borrow your gal for pirating since she’s so good at that shit, and we can turn this joint into a treasure haven,” Jack suggested.

#45 – Hell

Jacob answered like a true advocate of Hades, “Cerberus has a lot more funds than you can collect on the Normandy,” he said tersely.

#46 – Sun
Jack had a look of indignation that strongly bore through her angular sunglasses, “Fine,” she scoffed, “go on ahead and hog your fucking piece of booty, Cerberus ass.”

#47 – Moon
“Booty,” Kasumi repeated, “Cerberus is good about getting booty—ever notice Cerberus always makes their workers wear suits that make their butts really pronounced, like everyone is practically mooning each other?”

#48 – Waves

Zaeed howled in laughter that came in waves, “Hah ‘mooning’ damn it, Taylor, your woman is just damned weird but she’s right!”

#49 – Hair
Jacob shuffled his foot, hoping that the holo shots with Miranda in the ‘Arturian Jade’ album wouldn’t make Kasumi uncomfortable; “Oh my god, Jacob you were BALD,” was definitely not the first reaction he expected.

#50 - Supernova
During the post-Collector mission debriefing, after escaping from dark space, Kasumi made a quip that the experience was similar to a science fiction holo her grandmother used to watch but the only thing missing was meeting people from different time periods, but Jacob couldn’t care about fictitious near-death happenings or Collectors again, because his very own sun—his bright central focus—was still very much alive in his arms.

A/N: Sorry some of them are looooong. Took a while. Life is weird. Many thanks to fifmeister and alhazred for encouragement, otherwise this would have never been finished.

Several explanations for some of these, in case you didn’t catch references--

#22: Burt is a guard stationed in the CIC whom Kasumi mentions always looks at her in a certain way. You can get this piece of dialogue before Horizon if you talk to her aboard the ship (after recruiting Grunt or Jack).

#24: Matcha = green tea, usually the powdered form. Basically green tea ice cream is what Jacob is eating, and matcha is the given Japanese name. Fuck what you heard, the best tasting version of the ice cream is by Blue Seal, IMO.

#26: The book Kasumi is referring to is Forever, written by Judy Blume. Forever had such a horribly depressing ending. Oxymoron I know.

#32: A partial tidbit from a oneshot I started writing before I started this series. I want to add it to Continuous Shooting eventually. It is indeed based on the Overlord DLC.

#49: Yep. Mass Effect: Galaxy. Makes you realize that Jacob is an unsung hero.

#50: THANK YOU STAR TREK: TOS FOR THE IDEA. I was so stuck on this bitch until I rewatched the ‘All Our Yesterdays’ episode (EP. 78 I believe) and decided to slightly base it off of it. Go watch it, everyone. It’s always nice to see Spock go kind of nuts (e.g. be “human”). The episode involves a planet being threatened by a supernova and… just watch it.

Thanks for reading.
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