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[Icons] Witchblade/Sara Pezzini
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Few Things:
These are meant to be textless icons. Even though these have light textures on them, you are more than welcome to take them as bases and customize them to your liking. I won't hold it against you. I only allow this for this set because Witchblade isn't as popular as I'd like it to be. Especially Sara Pezzini. I'm trying to spread the love.

Comments are cool. Credit is even better, though if you do customize them, it's not needed.
All images and textures can be found in the resource page.

Total Icon Count: 42


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[Icons] Mass Effect 1+2 (104)
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
(32) Kaidan Alenko
(30) Jack
(21) Legion
(16) Sheploo
(3) Sheploo/Jack
(2) Remastered Garrus

Total Icon Count: 103104


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Few Things:
I'm not very happy with this set. I wanted to do other subjects (like the rest of the Men in Tights ones) but this was a lot as it is. Some of these aren't as HD as I wanted them to be. Sorry :(

Also, from time to time I'll be redoing a few icons from past posts due to all of this newfound information that Gimp can do more than meets the eye. Interestiiiing.

And all texture resources can be found in the resource post under the header.


Miranda Lawson
Thane Krios
Mordin Solus

Men in Tights (FORREAL!)
Final Fantasy XIII

[Icons] Bleach, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Robin Hood: MIT
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
[10] Bleach (scans off the doujin 16strawberry; Ichigo/Rukia pairing partially NSFW)
[26] Gears of War "Hollow" Issue #4 (lots of Marcus, Baird, Cole, Jace, Lily, a few Dom)
[70] Mass Effect 2 (lots of Kasumi, even more Garrus, Sheploo aka default!MShepard relatively renegade)
[10] Robin Hood: Men in Tights (a little bit of the beginning, and the belt that makes men facepalm)
[116] Total (shoot me)

Please credit when using any!

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Image and design resources are listed at the link below the header.

Continued Robin Hood MIT
More Mass Effect 2 (strictly Sheploo Legion, Kaidan, and Jack)
Whatever else comes to mind... suggestions?

[Fic] Vignette #1 for "Set to Continuous Shooting"
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Title: Sushi Spoils
Category: Mass Effect
Character(s): Jacob Taylor/Kasumi Goto, Shepard
Rating: K+, PG for mild language
Summary: Jacob and Kasumi go out for a dinner date at the Citadel. Even off-duty, things can still get out of hand for them.


A/N: So this is the first story that will be going into my Jacob/Kasumi oneshot collection. I don't like the title of this installment (I'm so bad with titles) and I don't know what to title the collection itself.

This is just a simple piece that was supposed to be a few hundred words... turned into a little over a thousand. I blame doomhobbit.

[Icons/FO banners] All Mass Effect 2
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Just a few old ones that I'll be putting here. Already posted these at the masseffect community.

Image sources are listed in the credits/resources page!

Total Icon Count: 10


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Gears of War (comic, issue #4)
Bleach (Ichigo/Rukia doujin)
Mass Effect 2 (of course)
Robin Hood: Men in Tights

[Icons] Mass Effect 2 (52); Celebrities (6)
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Comment and credit redpaisley OR redhoundstooth when taking any.

Enjoy! :)


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+ All Mass Effect 2 images taken by silentstephi from the Mass Effect LJ Community, masseffect AND Annakie @ flickr

Mass Effect 2 (c) BioWare

+ All Anna Faris images taken from the gallery of Anna Faris Fan

+ All Emma Stone images taken from the gallery of Emma Stone Visuals

[Icons] Mass Effect 2
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Icon Count = 30
All screenshots courtesy of silentstephi, which can be found in the Mass Effect Community (masseffect)
Comment and credit redpaisley OR redhoundstooth when taking


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[Fic] Mass Effect, Jacob/Kasumi, oneshot
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Title: To Steal Time
Category: Mass Effect
Character(s): Jacob Taylor/Kasumi Goto
Rating: M/R
Includes: Sexual content, romance

A fill for a prompt at the masskink community.

The prompt can be found here: masskink.livejournal.com/346.html


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[Fic] Bleach, oneshot
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Date Written/Published: October 9, 2009 [status completed]
Title: Highwire
Category: Bleach (anime)
Character(s): Shuuhei Hisagi, mentions of Kensei and Tousen
Rating: K+/PG (semi-language)
Includes: An outline of Shuuhei Hisagi in the last 100 years.

EDIT @ 21:24 - 10/20/2009: Edited it in Microsoft Word, and took the liberty of adding some extra parts.


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[Fic] Bleach, oneshot
[GoT] Daenerys yellow-washed
Date Written/Published: December 30, 2007 [status completed]
Title: Miss True Blue
Category: Bleach (anime)
Characters: Tatsuki-centric, mentions of Ichigo, Orihime and Chizuru
Rating: K+/G
Includes: Hints of IchigoOrihime pairing

cross-posted from fanfiction.net for collecting purposes

Long before she realized it, Tatsuki Arisawa was being pushed away.Collapse )


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