Leigha (redhoundstooth) wrote in redpaisley,

[Fic] ME Challenge Drabble #2

Title: Cut Loose
Category: Mass Effect
Character(s): Zaeed Massani, Tali'Zorah
Rating: K+/PG
Word Count: 279
Summary: me_challenge drabble from the Wednesday Insanity post. The prompt was, 'Desperate times.'

"... call for desperate measures."

That was the last thing Zaeed said before he ducked down below Tali's waist and reached a hand for below.

"You bosh'tet! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

He didn't answer her, but one of her legs felt the the invading presence of a strong human hand. Shepard and Mordin stood behind her watching. She swore she heard one of them snicker in that lewd way. Like the way Joker chuckles when he reads a damned Fornax "article".

Something was removed, she couldn't tell what because his large build blocked her view from the top, but something felt missing.

"Got'cha." Zaeed snarled. "S'thing's harder to take out than it looked."

Her face suddenly felt too hot under her mask.

Then Zaeed moved in front with his back facing her, and he held the knife that he took from her boot dangerously above the Urdnot krogan lying on all fours.

"Now, are you gonna get off'a your arse and go back to the rest of your Urdnot buddies? Or should this blade slide right under your smelly crest and take it righ' off?"

"No! Dammit no!" The krogan screamed, his voice raspy from illness as he flailed his arms around to rid the sharp tool away from his head.

"'No?' Even the quarian behind me is more of a goddamn badass when she's got the flu. And that's sayin' a lot."

"Hey!" Tali retorted.

The krogan grumbled. "Gruh--Graaaaaargh okay! Okay I'll go!"

The party watched the sick Urdnot make his exit. Shepard and Mordin shook their heads at Zaeed. "Interesting," they noted.

Zaeed promptly placed Tali's knife back in it's sheath, and clapped off absent dust off his hands. "And that's how to be a goddamned hero."
Tags: fanfic!drabble, fanfic!gen, fanfic!masseffect
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