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Icon Journal of redhoundstooth

with the occasional fanfiction

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icons, graphics, video games, movies, anime, fan fiction


This community serves as both a graphic journal and a fan fiction archive. All media posted is made by me, redhoundstooth unless stated otherwise. All LJ users are welcome to watch the community for viewing pleasure. This journal started being active around late 2009 so it is still relatively new. I hope you find something you like!

Regarding fan fiction, while I do have a FanFiction.net account, most pieces will usually be posted here first before FFN or strictly posted here and nowhere else, depending how I feel. I don't post too often and all pieces will always be under LJ-cuts so graphic posts are never overwhelmed.


First of all, enjoy anything you use! :)

Second, all graphics posted will not be hotlinked. Save whatever you would like to use to your own computer and upload it to your own server such as Photobucket or ImageShack. Every texture, gradient, and brush used are listed in the resource post which is found right here

Third, credit me. Either redhoundstooth or redpaisley, whichever is fine. This is so anyone that wants to know where the icons came from can be directed here, in case the person is interested in finding more. ;D


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